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About Natallia...

~~ If your postcard is not registered after 30-40 days, please, feel free to send me message with your ID and I will register it. ~~

Hello! :D

I'm 25-year old. Currently working as a QA software engineer. (Former physics and computer science teacher at school.)

Fond of reading and watching fantasy and science fiction (Star Trek, Lois Bujold, Robert Jordan). I like cosplay and craft.
I watch american superhero cartoons, anime, TV series like Castle, Whitechapel. Read manga from time to time.
I use postcards as an inspiration and refer pictures (architecture and folk costumes, for example) when I draw.
I collect stamps... and some other useless staff. ;)
PS: As I'm too impatient here is my other account here:

Sometimes I add to favourites postcards I recieve, sometimes I forget to do this. But I like all cards I get, thanks to everyone!

Happy postcrossing!

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