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I do not mind what kind of postcard I have. As long as it is not rude or of clowns or something dead. (Yes, I have had that and that is why I am putting this in now.) I have just figured out how to change my profile as someone mentioned that I didn't have much mentioned on here!

Well a bit about me...

I live in the North of England and love anything to do with, faeries, elves, angels, fantasy, mythology ... things like that...I'm also a big fan of the American Graphic Novel ElfQuest which is always all over my fb page heh heh! :)I wonder if they do do postcards, I'll just have to wait to find out wont I.

If you are stuck for something to say on your card, feel free to tell me if you live in the countryside or a town or city? Tell me what your hobbies are? You don't have to put anything personal...if you can't think of anything just draw a picture of your favourite thing/animal.

Happy Postcrossing, Rae.

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