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About Oliver...

Hi there!
Bonjour ! Hello ! Привет ! Labas! ;)

My name is Oliver, I am living in my hometown Oldenburg, Lower Saxony in Germany.
I like travelling, going to amusement parks (like Disneyland) and I love Geocaching, Munzees, Bookcrossing and of course Postcrossing!

If you are a geocacher too, please write about! ;)

To sum my preferences up...
• pictures of Mickey Mouse/other Disney-Characters
• pictures of Disneyland/Disneyworld
• pictures of the Muppets/Muppet-Show
• pictures of the Sesame Street (Elmo & friends)
• pictures of Monchichis
• City-Skylines
• landmarks of your country or city
• something typical for your country
• sea, beaches, ships, bridges
• vintage/retro
• postcards of Audrey Hepburn
• pictures of Tom&Jerry
• pictures of cats, monkeys, apes, chimpanzee

But remember: these are just some ideas, not a list of things I only want. Surprise me if you wish, send me a postcard that YOU find beautiful, I might find a new favourite :) Not sure what to send? Close your eyes and pick one :)
Also, I love receiving postcards with beautiful stamps.

Please, don't forget to write the date on the card! And it would be great if you include a small picture of what is the weather like when you are writing your postcard (just draw a sun or a cloud with rain or something like that) and temperature. Thank you :)

I love to receive cards with lots of text! If you don't know what to write on my postcard... I'd like you to tell me something about you or an interesting fact about your country. You can write something in your language with translation, I'll be happy to learn something new :) Also, you can recommend me a book or a song!

I would like to get postcards from all over the world. Show me your country, your city, your life! ;)

By the way,if you like, please visit me on FaceBook:

or may be Instagram:

or may be LookBook:


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