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About Rianne...

Hey Fellow Postcrossers!!!

My name is Rianne and I'm 41 years old.
My cousin exposed me to postcrossing...
Seeing she's already addicted....I'm sure I will be too...LOL!!!
My first cards were send on sa. july 18th 2015...
7 years later....I can say for sure that I'm now a postcrossing addict...of sorts...
Can't believe it's already been 7 years since I started.

A little bit about me...

I've been living in my own place for 2 years now. Only am missing a balcony and/or small garden. I would love to see your garden or your idea of a garden.

I am a HUGE cat-lover.
Besides cats...I am a lover of most animals really; especially the funny things they get up too and/or in to... Some other animals I love are Otters and Birds of Prey.

Further more I like travelling...so far I've only been in Europe...
I like to experience different cultures, countries, languages etc...
Receiving Holiday cards from whereever you have travelled to would be appreciated, because I'd like to see them and experience them through you...if possible!! Hopefully you can tell me all about these places.
Maybe that will become where I will spend my next holiday...
I love soaking up new ideas like that!

My absolute dream destination is New Zealand...
It is my wish to go there sometime in this lifetime!
So if you're from there, I would love pictures,about the Maori, nature, customs, architecture of NZ.
I'm also a big All Blacks fan!!! So, cards of All Blacks players, the team, or anything to do with them would be greatly appreciated!!
Other destinations I would like to receive cards from or about:
Hawaii / Cuba / Argentina / Antilles / Carribean / Madagaskar / South Africa / Iceland / Scotland or anywhere in this world for that matter....
Maybe there's a hidden Gem somewhere?????Or if you're from or have cards about Polynesian Islands (Fiji / Vanuatu / Samoa etc.) I would love to receive them and learn about them.

If you have cards about OUTLANDER or the Turkish series Kösem...,Please don't hesitate to send them my way.

I'm also into PHOTOGRAPHY... So if by chance you have any cards related to this subject, send them my way! Or if you have any tips, write them on your card, I would love to hear them so I can better myself.

I also like cards that say something to make me think about things, to challenge my intellect. Like quotes or sayings, maybe from you part of the world.

Hope to hear from you...


My expired postcards:

NL - 3105603 China
NL - 3228547 Taiwan
NL - 3267983 USA
NL - 3597505 China - cici1991
NL - 3655353 Indonesia - Orchida
NL - 3768882 Ukraine - Yuli-ya
NL - 3963051 China - rabbit0421
NL - 3963036 Russia - luna_karpus
NL - 3876798 China - Cicia
NL - 4110711 Taiwan - Wei_Ning
NL - 1044760 Russia - AlexNN
NL - 4269634 Taiwan - j4110wy
NL - 4537855 Norway - Sol_84
NL - 4456278 Germany - one09
NL - 4456262 USA - Rellesayshi
NL - 4654735 Germany - Solveig75
NL - 5294135 Russia - Natulik7

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