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About Margot...

Hi! My name is Margot and I live in the city of Mijdrecht, situated in the middle of The Netherlands (near Amsterdam). I'm married to René and we have 3 grown up children. Now René and I share our house with our 4 Devon Rex cats.

Being a creative person I love making big mosaics and working with clay to make ceramics bowls and tiles. I also read a lot and picture books make me happy.

I prefer stamped cards, no envelopes please. I love the written text combined with the stamps and I don't like to throw away all those envelopes.

Some of my wishes but any postcard is welcome:

* Christmas cards (all year round)
* Cards from the brands Inkognito, Editions Gollong and Editions des Correspondences
* Cards with illustrations (animals, plants, children etc.)
* Cards from Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood or other fairytales
* France: please, if you can send me a card from Amandine Piu?
* Cards with red cats / storks / peacocks / mermaids
* Black/grey/white cards
* Cards with or from Frida Kahlo
* People from your country wearing native costumes
* Any card you think is right for me ;)

If you like please see my Flickr account for the cards I already received: https://www.flickr.com/photos/106460039@N08/albums

Please note the date and perhaps the weather conditions at the time you wrote your card to me?

Make yourself a great day!


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