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About Vicky...

Hello, this is Vicky, postcrosser from Taiwan.

💡Please have date & weather on top! Don't forget the ID!
💡Kindly check my received card/album to avoid duplicates!
My album:

👉🏻 I prefer postcard naked with real stamps (as many as you can) as I like the postcard traveling with some marks.
👉🏻 I would love to receive an envelope if you're going to include some used stamps or tickets to fulfill my collection.
👉🏻 Always welcome for direct swap! You could find my offers in "For Trade" folders of my album.
I may look for swappers here, I always send out my postcard within a week. Please must to let me know once you got my card.
☹️ But please be honest after we agree to have the trade. I notice sometimes I cannot get the feedback and receive card from the person...

SOME IDEAS FOR YOU, but I’m appreciated any postcards from you!

❤️ Fashion related!
❤️ UNESCO - tell me the history and paste the relative stamps
❤️ GF Series
🙅 I have: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic (duplicate), Finland, Georgia, Germany (duplocate), Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands (duplicate), Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, UK (duplicate), USA (duplicate)
❤️ Flags of the World or Flag of your country
❤️ Seasonal, Festival, Event (eg. FIFA 2018, Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games, PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020), Birthday Postcard in November (no folded card)
❤️ Gotochi Card from Japan
❤️ Route 66 - tell me the history and paste the relative stamps
❤️ Disney Postcard & Stamps
❤️The Little Mole, Where's Waldo?, Moomin, Inge Löök, ぼのぼの (Bonobono), アンパンマン (Anpanman), ちびまるこちゃん (Chibimaruko Chan), Hello Kitty, Blue Cat, Who Mails?
❤️ Religious Postcard & Stamps
e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Mandala, Basilica, Mosaic art...
❤️ Tattoo art! I have my own also!
❤️ LGBT & Stamps 🌈
❤️ Postcrossing Meet-up card
❤️ Maxicard
❤️ FDC - message me if you would like to swap!
❤️ I would love to receive handmade postcard with NICE knitting & stitching.

❌ No folded card & AD card.

☹️ Expired (6 copies)
China --- 3
Czechia --- 1
Indonesia --- 1
USA --- 1

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