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About Vicky...

Hello, this is Vicky, postcrosser from Taiwan.

💡Please have date & weather on top! Don't forget the ID!
💡Kindly check my received card/album to avoid duplicates!
My album:

👉🏻 I prefer postcard naked with real stamps (as many as you can) as I like the postcard traveling with some marks.
👉🏻 I would love to receive an envelope if you're going to include some used stamps or tickets to fulfill my collection.
👉🏻 Always welcome for direct swap! You could find my offers in "For Trade" folders of my album.
I may look for swappers here, I always send out my postcard within a week. Please must to let me know once you got my card.
☹️ But please be honest after we agree to have the trade. I notice sometimes I cannot get the feedback and receive card from the person...

SOME IDEAS FOR YOU, but I’m appreciated any postcards from you!

❤️ Fashion related! PHQ cards! US big letters card!
❤️ UNESCO - tell me the history and paste the relative stamps
❤️ GF Series
🙅 I have: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic (duplicate), Faroe Islands, Finland, Georgia, Germany (duplocate), Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia (duplicate), Netherlands (duplicate), Norway (duplicate), Poland, Portugal, Spain (duplicate), Switzerland, Turkey, UK (duplicate), USA (duplicate)
❤️ Flags of the World or Flag of your country
❤️ Seasonal, Festival, Event (eg. FIFA 2018, Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games, PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020), Birthday Postcard in November (no folded card)
❤️ Gotochi Card from Japan
❤️ Route 66 - tell me the history and paste the relative stamps
❤️ Disney Postcard & Stamps
❤️The Little Mole, Where's Waldo?, Moomin, Inge Löök, ぼのぼの (Bonobono), アンパンマン (Anpanman), ちびまるこちゃん (Chibimaruko Chan), Hello Kitty, Blue Cat, Who Mails?, となりのトトロ
❤️ Religious Postcard & Stamps
e.g. Hinduism, Buddhism, Mandala, Basilica, Mosaic art...
❤️ Tattoo art! I have my own also!
❤️ LGBT & Stamps 🌈
❤️ Postcrossing Meet-up card
❤️ Maxicard
❤️ FDC - message me if you would like to swap!
❤️ I would love to receive handmade postcard with NICE knitting & stitching.

❌ No pazzle cards, folded card & AD card.

☹️ Expired
Belarus —- 1
China --- 2
Czechia --- 1
Indonesia --- 1
New Zealand --- 1
United Kingdom —- 1
USA --- 1

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