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About Sanny...

I am Sanny,a single mother from Germany^^
I love colored&Cute Letterpaper,colored envelopes,colored ink&writing Letters❤
Now i started to collect things with FOXES*-*

Japanese people searching for SnailMail Penpals(letter&Cards) please drop me a message^^(Would love to train my bad japanese lol)

Direct Swaps open for Japanese Gotochi(all kind)ONLY!sorry..^^
I WOULD LOVE TO GET JAPAN GOTOCHI CARDS!(especially "Haiban" ones right now..ALSO DOUBLES!)
I totally understand that they're expensive.
My offer:IF you send me a Gotochi,you can choose one of my Cards from this folder,which i will send back: (shaped,lali,ect)or 2 normal Cards for 1 Gotochi!^^ from this: (also collecting trains,postboxes-gotochi,ect,japanese ones only-sorry)

My Gotochi collection:
MOST WANTED: + all from 2015-2017 ones,from 2016 and 2017 i dont have any

Examples of what i like:(Also illustrations)
-Summer:Bathsuit,Starfish,Sailor themed(BlueWhite)❤Watermelon❤❤,SEASHELL❤❤,Ice Cream❤❤
-Date Masamune(all kind of ways!)❤❤
-Halloween ❤❤ (Witch,Broom,ect)
-Little Prince,Hello Kitty,Roadrunner&Coyote(from Looney Tunes)❤
-Asian Clothes!❤❤
-Pocket Watch❤,Fans❤❤,Tubular bells❤❤Lanterns(all kind)
-MUPPET SHOW! I am in love with drummer ANIMAL!!!❤❤❤
-SOUND HORIZON at most MÄRCHEN❤,REVO❤❤❤ (EVERYTHING about him!and this group)
-JETOY!!❤❤INGA PALSTER Owls!❤❤Thomas Kinkade❤FR Blue Art❤
-Mary BarkersFairies❤❤
-Art by Uchida Shinya❤❤
-Shaped&Square cards!!❤❤
-Maximum Cards❤❤
-Keep calm..❤
-Trams&Steam Engines&Shinkansen
-Mermaids,Nixies,Fairies,Elves,Angels and such(also Anime style)❤❤
-Fairy Tales,at most:Red riding hood❤all kind of ways^^
-Amy&Tim ❤
-Manga Art
-Selfmade cards(example Etegami)
-Cards in a bright,pale shade of pink(Rosa in german)
I LOVE Anime/Manga Postcards!
Examples:Kuroko no Basuke,TOTORO,Tennis no Oujisama,Sengoku Basara & more XD(ask me^^)
I HATE:Shingeki no kyojin(!!!),One Piece,Conan,Chobits,Inuyasha and alike

I am not fond of:
Insects/Black&White/ADs/Art/Religion/Spiders/Praying Mantis(phobia!!)Clowns(phobia!)/Marvel/Horror/Gore/Nude/Cars or Motorbikes/the color Grey/Greeting cards(the ones you can open..)color splash/Color key
If you dont have one showing something from the list,dont worry!Send me whatever you like,i am happy about each card i'll recive!

NOT ACCEPTING DirectSwaps for now(except for Japan Gotochi cards).I am less on Cards.Thanks for understanding^^