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About Hanneke...

Hello everybody,

Postcrossing is an everyday joy for me!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful postcards that bring a smile on my face everytime I receive one!!!

I am Hanneke! I am married and a mother of two children. I really like reading and sending postcards;) I like watching movies, going to the theatre and yoga. I live in a beautiful city: Leiden. Here you see what I mean:

Postcrossing is an amazing concept! I really like the idea to be in contact with people from the whole world.

I would like to receive illustrations and graffic cards and cute drawings. I like brightly coloured cards.

Cards I’d like to recieve:

*from my favorites or similar
*christmas cards (no folded please)
*reading women
*illustrated or painted chickens, owls, foxes and cats
*illustrated whales, hedgehogs
*illustrated flowers (no photos), houses or shops
*multiples (nouvelles images)
*Japanese Geisha (from Japanese postcrossers)
*'flora and fauna of Belarus'- cards
*Blue cat

Favorite Artists:

*Mila Marquis (!!!)
*Inge Löök
*Edition des Correspondances
*Edition Tausendschön
*Belle & Boo
*Gaella Boissonnard
*Elsa Beskow
*Virpi Pekkala
*Katja Saario
*Irina Smirnova
*Daria Nyberg
*Molly Brett
*Edition Gollong
*Nouvelles images
*Lantern Press
*Gösta Knuttson
*Alexia Claires

It would be nice if you tell me something about yourself, your favorite books or movies.
Or tell me about your daily life or some funny facts about your culture.

I really prefer:
*The date
*Beautiful stamps (some extra used?)
*Washi-tape and stickers

I use my Favourites as a wishlist, so I would be very happy if you could send one of these.

I am not very interested in multivieuw touristic, Disney, handmade or old cards.

Please no more cards like this one:
I really like the card, but I have already a lot of this one

Thank you in advance! Happy postcrossing!

PS. I am interested in direct swaps for cards from Edition Gollong, Editions des Correspondances and Gotochi.

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