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About Jurgita...

my name is Jurgita. I'm originally from Kaunas, Lithuania, but now I'm living in Scotland.
I like reading, movies, theatre, travelling, video games... And a lot of more stuff. I have visited several countries in Europe and I am crazy about Spain and wish to visit it again. I do enjoy a good fantasy or science - fi book (though I do not ignore other genres as well).
I have graduated from Art History and Theory and at the moment looking best place to study creative writing.
If you don't know what to write on the card, you can always tell about last book you have read, what film you have seen or places you have visited.

I prefer getting postcards:
* Alice in Wonderland ( my most loved tipe of postcards! here you will find my collection so far: https://picasaweb.google.com/114796916951408243385/AliceInWonderland )
* Movies or cartoon charakters
* June Leeloo
* Nicoletta Cessoli
* Anne-Julie Aubry
* Mark Ryden
* Gorjuss
* Steempunk
* old, vintage, pin-up girls cards
* New Yorker, Vanity Fair or Vogue covers
* black and white photos.
* Japanese calligraphy
* Art deco / Art Nouveau style women
* Gustav Klimt
* related with fashion
* dark humor,gothic, spooky & creepy
* wild strawberries and other berries.
* David Bailey photos
* cards from my favourites
* classic fairy - tale motives

And all other postcards, what you like and think I might like as well. But please consider that I DO NOT want:

!!!!BIG NO NO NO for me is city views/landscapes/tourist places/buildings in your city/other like what, especially multi view cards. And no no no animals photos !!!!

Please, if possible, don't send me cute things - children, kittens, puppies...photos of animals or flowers. Thanks.
(unless card is from my favourites) :)

P.S. I would realy love post stamp with Panda!

If you have the possibility to upload the image, please do so.

Since I do a lot tags and swaps and prefere not to get the same card again, please chek my received cards galeries:

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