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Hi There!

My name is Pietronella and I've been a member for quite some time now. I have been absent for a few years because of things happening in my life.
I moved to the UK, from The Netherlands, in 2012.
I have the sweetest dog on the planet. She is called Lola and is almost 15 years old.
I live in the beautiful Bronte country. Stunning moors and views and cute little shops with postcards and secondhand books.

I just found out I have an incurable disease (Chronic NeuroLyme) and Postcrossing is something that I can do from my bed if needed. It makes my world a bit bigger and a whole lot happier.

❤️ At the moment I collect flag and map cards. ❤️
❤️And Halloween cards are welcome from September!!❤️

My passions and obsessions are:
Studio Ghibli
The Titanic (The ship not the film, although the film was very cute)
Jack the Ripper
But I have so many many more interests! ;)

*** No Touchnote or other mailing services please ***

If you don't know what to write, tell me about your favourite film or book or recipe or you can draw something for me, or decorate with stickers etc. doodles, it is all very welcome.

My wishlist is just that, a wishlist, please don't hesitate to send me something YOU like. Because every postcard is a little present.

Handmade cards are very welcome as long as it is a drawing, painting, something else creative.
*I'm sorry but a pic that has been cut out of a magazine or cereal box is not a card*

I really like train, bus, tram, metro, concert, zoo etc tickets. So if you have one, don't throw it away. Me, me ,me *raises hand* me... I would like them ❤️
Also, coins or supermarket receipts are of interest :D
Yes, I am weird haha

My favourite cards:
Alice in Wonderland
Alphonse Mucha
American states (greetings from, big letters)
Art Deco & Art Nouveau
Bentoy: comfortable life
Books & Literature
Box sets* (Pantone, Marvel, etc etc etc etc)
Coffee, tea, cake, food, recipes
Comic books, superheroes & villains
Christmas & Sinterklaas
Doors and windows & tiles
Entertainment parks & museum & zoo
Gotochi and shaped cards.
Graveyards and graves
Human body & anatomy
Inga Paltser
Inge Look
Jack the Ripper
Keep calm and..
Maps and flags (vintage, pictorial etc)
People, ( faces, old, vintage)
PostalLove ''Greetings from..''
Share Taiwan with the world
The Titanic
Transport maps
Vintage* (twenties, Victorian, Edwardian etc)

If you made it all the way to this point, thank you for reading my profile!
Happy postcrossing

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