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About Carina...

my name is Carina.
I love travelling and backpacking and to get to know other countries and cultures! I'm a secundary school teacher.
I'll like every postcard you send, but I would LOVE to receive one of the followings:

•If you live in a country with less than 5000 users, please send a postcard showing your country/culture/city/a special animal of your country s.o. Thank you!

• whales (all species, pics and drawn ones, any kind of whale-postcard, I love to collect them!) ♥

• touristic postcard with a view (single- or multiview) of the place where you live or of your country/state; nature/landscape/culture of your country, also UNESCO world heritage sites of your country or famous landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty..) ♥

• birds (especially little ones and/or colorful ones (like parrots, loris, bee-eaters), most of all I love hummingbirds!!

• collies (rough), a wonderful dog breed, maybe you know it as "Lassie". I have a collieboy and I love him! ♥

• persons with dogs (shepherd with sheepdog, baby with dog, children with dogs...) ♥

• traditional clothing and traditional food of your country

• Mila Marquis - Postcards

• Doors and windows ♥

• umbrellas ♥

• reading people

• Rolf Lidberg's trolls ♥

• shaped cards

• every card from my favorites (not received yet, just choose your country): http://www.postcrossing.com/user/Picaflora/gallery/favourites
Have you ever seen one of these postcards? I would really be so happy to receive the one or the other! ♥ ♥ ♥

To users from FLORIDA, USA: I'm fallen in love with this postcard: https://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/US-1581970 If you know where to find it, I would be sooooo happy to receive it! ♥ ♥ ♥

I love real postcards, no printed or folded ones!
Please, don't use envelopes! :)
Interesting stamps or nice stickers etc. are always a welcome addition to the card too.

Happy Postcrossing and thank you in advance,


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