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About Anne...

Hello, my name is Anne.

I work in a pharmacy (Apotheke) and collect Aspirin boxes from all over the world.

I always think that the book was better (-: Maybe you like to recommend (empfehlen) me a book or movie/show to prove me wrong?
My favorite books are
The Never Ending Story (Die Unendliche Geschichte),
The Mortal Instruments – Series (Magnus is the best!),
The 13.5 Lives Of Captain Bluebear,
The Last Unicorn and many many more!

"Like Alice stepping through the Looking Glass, to step through the portals of Disneyland will be like entering another world"
- Walter Elias Disney -
And he is right!
I have been to Disneyland Paris during their 20th anniversary (Jubiläum) celebration and in 2018 to Disney World in Florida. It was a dream come true and I will try to visit (besuchen) every Disney Park in the World.

I like cats more than dogs, bumblebees (Hummeln) and the sound they are making when they fly from flower to flower and ladybirds (Marienkäfer) because of their dots.
My favorite fictional animals are dragons and griffins.

I am afraid of spiders and chairoplanes (Kettenkarussell), but I do like roller coasters (Achterbahn).

I like to paint and to print and to design my own linoleum prints (Linolschnitt).
My recent hobby is handlettering (handlettering (-; ), but I am not very good at it.

Send me everything you want and like.
Your card will get a safe and nice place in a special postcard box and a pin on my huge world map (Weltkarte) on my living room wall.
I do not collect stamps, but I like beautiful stamps on the incoming postcards. I would like to get something colorful, glittering or shiny. Maybe The Gruffalo stamps from the UK, Sesame Street or Disney Villians from the USA, or Ratatouille stamps from Austria.
In 2019 I like to collect postcards (Postkarten) with beautiful avenues, alleys and parkways, with a lots of trees or small houses or gardens or streetlights (Straßenlaternen).
In 2020 I like to collect advertising/promotion/commercial postcards. I prefer the big brands (like CocaCola, M&M, Apple, VW etc), but cards from your local bakery or restaurant are welcome too. Maybe you have something related to pharmacy/health care/medicine? And please give me a translation, if it is not in English.

And if there is still space left on the card:
Write me something about your daily life: How many steps you have to climb to get to your home? What car do you drive? What is your favorite meal (Mahlzeit)? How do you get to your workplace? Do you like to live in your city/town/country and why do you like it/dislike it?
Or Maybe you like to tell me your favorite word in your own language (Sprache). Tell me, why you like it and translate it for me.
My favorite word in German is (Milch) > it is milk. I like it, because if you say it, it sounds always soft and smooth, though I do not like to drink it (-:

I can`t wait to read from you!
And enjoy postcrossing as much as I do

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