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About Paúlina...

I'm a Belarusian girl, 33 (I lived first nine months in my mother before I was born, you know). I'm journalist & like learning languages. I also study family psychology to know how to make a happy family :-D

Please, use your mother tongue (I'm sure I can read it if you write clear). I really can't understand why people from Poland, Germany or Ukraine write cards in English. Maybe to practicise it? If so, I accept!

And - PLEEEEEEEESE!!!! - don't use Russian if you are not Russian (except it is the only language we both can understand).

I'm tired with usual tourist cards and prefer illustrations or great photos. It can be a happy family, animals (I love dogs!), old painting (landscape) & so on.

Birthday cards in August-September, Christmas cards in December-January and Easter greetings according both to old and new calendars are welcomed, too :)

And I will be happy to receive Christmas cards now, in season, more than anything else!

Postcrossers aus Deutschland! Ich freue mich sehr "Burnt Out" Englische Bulldogger zu sehen. Ich hatte es aber verloren :((

Dear Poscrossers from U.S.A.! I'd like to collect all The New Yorker))

No inappropriate postcard images like violence, nude people ("pin-up" is also horrible for me), alcohol, smoking, horoscope and other occultism, etc. Thank you!

I love Poscrossing, but not the Poscrossing theme. I bag you: no cards from Postcrossers' meetings, please!!! A lot of other members want to receive it, but I like privite messages, not a list of unknown names.

My country is BELARUS. I'm not against any national name variants, but DON'T write it in ugly Soviet way! I still receive cards written wrong :(((

And, please, date the card)

Дорогие русскоязычные друзья! Очень обидно, когда некоторые из вас пытаются "перевести" и коверкают беларуское имя ''на русский лад''. Да, Google Translate тоже не подозревает, что имена не переводятся, он - машина. Спасибо, что вы живые люди)

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