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About Graham...

Hi. I am beginning to get the hang of this now ... Whatever you choose to send will be appreciated simply because it is from you. And you can stop here, but if you do wish to read further ...

I live with my wife Melinda in rural Kansas (although I have not always been from that part of the world as my user name might suggest), as well as with a golden retriever, whose main preoccupations are seeking attention driving us to distraction. I am a medievalist and a historian, neither of which has managed to pay the bills, which is in part a reflection on the value and purpose of higher education in this country. But, one makes one's own choices. I am incessantly curious and like languages and (especially Indo-European) philology, philosophy, and Greece

As for postcards - suggestions include the following:
1. Art that interests you, especially a painting from, or exhibited in your region; and you may explain why you find this piece intriguing.
2. Your own hero, or a historical figure you find fascinating.
3. Anything relating to your favourite books or writers, again with an explanation as to why.
4. The flag, or coat of arms of you country, region or town.
5. Old advertising, political, or propaganda posters from your country.
6. Birds and animals native to your region.
Or, anything else, and write whatever you like.

See you in the card shuffle ...

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