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About Yangyue...

My name is Yang Yue / Olivia. I'm 26 years old and live in Beijing, China. I love reading, traveling. And I love to be in the outdoors, walking and cycling.

I would be happy with any postcard you have to send, so thank you in advance ^^
If it's helpful, these are the collections I am working on :)

-all about Churchs
-Map, flag
-Owl, panda, monkey
-Watermelon, grapes, cherry
-Shaped cards
-No ad cards please
-FDCs looking for someone to sending fdcs on issue date

I also collect special postmark, used stamps, tea bags,fridge magnet ... if you would like so send to me, I will be very happy.
If you send a card in an envelope, I hope unwrite card and really stamps, that I could collect those stamps. Thanks a lot.
Please write where are you from and dated the postcard
Thanks for reading this and happy postcrossing~

Yang Yue
China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
Box 840, Haidian District
100840 BEIJING


中国 北京市840信箱 堆工所

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