Ninosz, Netherlands

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About Janine...

Before you write a card 😉, I love unwritten cards.

Very nice to meet you!
First I wish you a happy day!
I'm Janine (34), married and mother of 4 (12🧒,10👧,6👧 and 2👧) .
I love my husband, children, garden and animals (2 cats, a lot of birds, 3 guinea pigs and fishes) a lot.
I've a postnatal depression at the moment, it's really, really hard.

I love post, and when you send it in a enveloppe with tea it is a big surprise in my mailbox 😉.

Cards we like:

- Coffee / tea
- I will make a map for my son with footballrelated cards ands things about football. It's a surprise for him. Do you have anything from football, it will be very nice. He's a footballer and love it very much.
- PAINTED plants / flowers / fruit / animals.
- Love cards (not sexual)
- Inge Löök (I've already: 20, 44)
- Coffee
- Food / drinks / cakes (paint)
- Girly cards
- Umbrellas
- Colorful cards
- Mailbox
- Bikes
- Keep calm
- Quotes
- Christian cards with a text on it
- Polkadot / stripes
- Home decor
- Colourful painted map cards
- Clothes / shoes
- Funny old people / Inge Löök
- Painted cacti

Very nice it is when you send a surprise by the card! (It makes my children very happy)

We love:

- Unwritten cards (you're most ugly cards are okay 😉). We are very happy when you can send us unwritten cards.
- Seeds from all over the world. We love plant everything
- Samples from douchegel and shampoo or masks
- Any surprise is nice
- Earrings
- Tea

But when you don't send it, we're happy too, ofcourse!

*Please check my favorites for the cards I love.
*Favourite colour: GREEN 🌵🌿
*I don't like free cards and please send me NOT a tourist / country / village card!
*Can you please send the post in an enveloppe?
*When you've ever had a depression or burn-out, what was your way out? 😐
*How do you saved your received postcards?

Happy Postcrossing!

Greetings Janine (and my husband and children ofcourse🌹🌹🌹)

(PS: do you follow us on Instagram? ;-) )
(For swaps, please ask me on Instagram.).

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