Nikau, New Zealand

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About Elisa...

Hello! My name is Elisa, I'm from Brazil but I moved to NZ and this is my home now :-)

Some years ago I rescued a black kitten no older than one month from the street and it was a life changing experience. I totally believe in the comfort and companionship that pets have to offer. Did I rescue her or did she rescue me? ;)

All cards are welcome, no envelope please! And if you can, please use lots of different stamps. Feel free to put some used old stamps as well if you can :)

Here are some suggestions:

- cats, cats, cats!
- insects
- native flora or fauna from your country
- european comics (Milo Manara, Hugo Pratt, and alike)
- Little Lulu :-)
- enviando de Portugal, um postal do galo de Barcelos ou desenhe sua versão do galo no verso do postal! Azulejos com placas de ruas também me interessam!

Or suprise me with your choice. Please use good sense with ad cards (no company logos or plain boring ones!).

You can write your favorite life advice, quotes, book, song. I'd love to hear about music from your country as well!

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