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About Natallia...

Hello ! Bonjour !
... and many greetings from France !
I live near the city of Orleans with my husband and my 17 years old daughter.
We have a dog hard-haired dachshund (teckel) and a cat adopted.
I like travelling ,photography , nature and animals.
My interests are different cultures and traditions, history , reading. I like to cook .
I am a supporter of the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the protection of animals and I participated in actions to this foundation.

I should like to receive cards with a view from your city, capital , country, nature.

*Typical tourist postcards of the capital of your country or of your city ,
or your country
* Pictures of nature , landscapes , mountains, the sea and ocean
* Pictures of Animals
* Sports ,Olympic Games
* UNESCO WHS and famous historical places
* Panoramic or Aerial views, Aurora
* Postallove's Greetings from-series (i have 2 card Belgium and Czech
* National Parks
* SPACE (spaceships, astronauts, planets, moon, stars)
* Famous persons , Presidents ,Politic, USSR cards
* Recipe cards , Tea Time
* Lord of the Ring , Harry Potter , Star Wars , Doctor Who, Twilight....
* CINEMA , movie stars or movie posters
* Magic eye cards and 3D
* Maxicards
* Literature and book-themed cards
* Traditional costumes, dances
* Fantasy art / illustration /Manga
* drawing nature / animals / town / village/ landscape
* Handmade cards !
If you don't have anything like this, don't worry. I'm really happy to receive any card you choose.

Tell me something about the local culture of your country.
It would be nice if you write a little about yourself .

Good luck to you. Thank you very much.
Looking forward to hear from you , Natallia.

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