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About Nandi108...

Dear Postcrosser,
I´m terribly sorry that I´m not from a rare country...maybe next life...
Thank you for sending me a postcard!Have to admit that I became
quite addicted to postcrossing,wherever I go I return with some cards and more cards...
In case you have one of the following it would create a great happiness inside me,but of course I know that the variety ist often very limited, don´t get stressed...but just in case...

*sunsets (I´m decorating my kitchen wall with them)
*cows (they are all on my door frame)
*religious Motivs (Mother Mary,Jesus,cross ,saints,Pope...)
*suicid bunnies
*anything related to death(graveyard,skull...)
*black and white
*terraced fields
*reflections in the water

Ad cards to the above themes are welcome.
I love to go on pilgrimage,please tell me of holy sites near your place or religious festivals.
In case you don´t know what to write,please tell me;Have you heared about Hare Krishna? And what do you think about it?
If you have a sticker label from a fruit or vegetable please stick it on the Card.

Please without envelope.
I like to swap mainly for cows,sunsets,skulls ,cemeteries,shaped.
Have a nice day,I´m happy to be a postcrosser!