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About Noele...

Hi : )
, I'm 24 years old. I like books, especially Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, the lord of the rings, or anything of the genre, and Brazilian literature.

I also like films of romance, music, philosophy, and simple objects but that are very symbolic. I'm in love with anything related to France and Italy, especially. I love handicrafts and stationery in general. The style I most like is vintage.

Tell me about anything interesting and that I only find in your city, such as history, curiosities, typical foods, regional slang, events, finally ... what makes the place you live special?

I would be happy to receive something from your place, like coins, or if you live on the beach, you could send a shell or stone, anything that has been reallocated to the place, and I really like receiving polaroid photos. you can, send greetings in your language.

I am passionate about historical monuments and antiques in general. I like meeting curiosities about each person, so feel free to share cool things about your life: D

I will receive all the postcards with great affection, and can be of any type, as long as they are written by hand.
I am a turtle phobia, so please DONT SEND ME anything about this! :) thanks!
P.s.I love receiving letters and sending them, so feel free to write for me. Who knows we can be penpals? *---*

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