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About Annemarie...

Hello fellow Postcrosser, how nice of you to come to my profile first.

My last name is Vos (in Dutch) which means Fox in English. I am a foxaholic. Also I'm a bird lover. Cards with foxes or birds (photo's or drawings) are always a treat. You can look in my Favorites for inspiration, but know that I have most of them already.

If you can't find a fox or bird card, feel free to send me any other card, including free cards, ad cards, multi-views, all sorts of self made cards, old cards, used cards, your pick. Also I'd love to read about you and your life. Date and weather on the card make it complete. You can stop reading here, if you are short on time :)

I am 63yo, was a nurse first and later I became a (free lance) manager, mostly in nursing homes and I also give free food advise on the side: Don't eat anything that has been produced with a mask on. Also I am a 'Truther' which means that I am always searching for The Truth and 'true science' instead of the silly not provable theories and the lies that we have been told in school. There's much more to learn than mainstream Science, - History, - Religion and - Media tell us. I currently study the Primer Fields which are EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) of which everything is built, everything, including our Earth. We actually live on a holodeck. Amazing knowledge.

My 32yo daughter travels the world and now works as an English teacher in Hanoi, Vietnam. We use whatsapp for contact. I recently moved, from a sizable apartment to a tiny cabin in the woods and this way started my pre-retirement years, thus being able to work less. After 45 years I am allowed to I think. I started off 2019 with hibernating for 5 weeks in Spain, till January 15th. (Sending cards in Travel Mode is fun, though it's a pity that the postal services in Spain are a bit slow)

My ava is a piece of Tiffany that I made after a card that I received here at Postcrossing, how cool is that?

I love languages and etymology. I dabble a bit in Russian, mainly inspired by all Russian Postcrossers. I visited Санкт-Петербург last year and I loved it. Russians can write some Russian without translation, but in CAPITALS please! Здравствуйте was my first and is absolutely my favorite Russian word (for the non-Russians reading this: it means Hello, the formal way and is pronounced something like 'zdravsdvoodj')

Live From Your Heart (it's the only way you can get 'soul points'), Annemarie

ps. Most of my Favorites are cards that I've already received. Except for the Russian cards, I love the Russian cards, so I favorite them at random.

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