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About Mlst...


My name is Mariana. I live in a small village in Portugal, surrounded by mountains and nature: I really like living there. I love camping (I'm a scout), reading (Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle, Game of Thrones and Sherlock Holmes are my favourite sagas and Jane Austen is probably my favourite author) and watching series (Sherlock, The 100 and Once Upon a Time are some of my favourites). I also like (a lot) of Star Wars (it's my newest passion :D). I love everything related to the universe (stars, planets, galaxies, northern lights), puzzles, enigmas and Mathematics. I'm studying aerospace engineering at Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon's university).

If you have many postcards and you don't know which one you should send me, I prefer the ones with landscapes of your country or about one of my favourite books or series or related to the things I like; but all the postcards are very welcome: handmade or not, one image or many, I like them all :)

If it's not asking too much please put the date and tell me what's your favourite word in your native language and the respective meaning in English. You can write me about beautiful places in your country, traditions, monuments, personalities, places that you have already visited, places you would like to visit, how did you discover about postcrossing or about what you want: I´m all ears!
Just one more thing: I love stamps...

If this is too much to assimilate just ignore and do what you usually do. The best part is to open the mailbox and see that I have mail, regardless of the postcard or what it has written :P

Thank you very much (you are a hero just for reading all the text) :D

Happy Postcrossing :D

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