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About Mintaka...

Today, Oct 11,2020 - I got confirmed that I have 1,400 cards sent - and 1,401 cards received. I feel a bit intimidated.
So happy to greet you again!! I am back from hospital and rehabilitation and I am looking forward to read from you again. Because of a bad Arthrosis for many years, I did have to replace my knees and get a knee prosthesis implanted. My first such surgery did take place 2 years ago. Now my second knee was due and I am so happy that it was done successfully.
Updated April 4, 2020
Well, here I am again! I had to have an emergency surgery of my first knee replacement, because the implanted prosthesis did slide (after 1,5 years) and did injure the bone. This did happen after having had 4 chemical therapies to better the leucemia from which I also suffer. (This did injure the bone). Leucemia may not be cured but it has come to a halt which is stable for the last 2 years. Nobody did expect any difficulties and it was a big shock when this was revealed. So my knee had to be revised and now I am back home - doing very well after rehabilitation time. I am looking forward...!
Updated September 12, 2020
Happy to meet you on this site. I am retired, female and live in Basel, Switzerland. I have a dog and live by myself. I am an introvert person and live a quiet life.
I am also a mother of 4 children, one daughter and three sons and I have six grandchildren between 1 and 22 years of age.

I enjoy to get picture postcards, I like the touristic type and that is also the kind, that I will send. I do not want to order any postcards but my only wish is that they are from your place or country. Please, no holiday cards from outside your country.
Please do not send ad-cards, free cards, offensive or erotic cards or publicity for any products. No violence or porn please.
I do not care for cards with animals, although I like animals!
TODAY - December 22, 2019 - I reached a total of 1200 cards that I did send. I am proud about this number and am looking forward to send and receive many more cards.
My hobbies are reading, writing, computer, languages, cooking, baking, gardening, growing plants in pots from branches that have been pruned (my home plants) knitting, my dog - I love to exchange views about anything. I am interested in history and life of people abroad. I speak and write German, French, English, Italian and some Russian and recently I did start to learn Spanish. I will continue for some given time.

Looking forward to hearing from you - stay safe and healthy!!

Best greetings

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