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About Min...

My name is Min and I live in Yangju near Seoul(Seoul is the capital of South Korea).
I like...
Traveling / Reading / Baking / Needlework / watching movies / Gardening / Postcrossing!

I'm looking for Postcrossing stamps from another countries.
If you have it, please put it on your postcard:)


If you don't know which postcard you should send, here are some suggestions:

✔️ Landscape and nightscape in your country
( I prefer single-view rather than multi-view. )
✔️ Map(country, state, city, subway...)
✔️ Traditional things in your country
✔️ GREETINGS FROM American states vintage reprints (ca. 1930-1940's) postcards
with large letter name of each U.S. state
(I'm looking for California, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan) (https://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/US-3619680)
✔️ Disney & pixar
✔️ Lali
✔️ Elmo & Cookie Monster in Sesame Street
✔️ Baby animals (especially puppy & kitten)
✔️ Moomin, Snoopy, Paddington bear, Peter Rabbit, Kipper, Totoro, Sprited away : 千と千尋の神隠し
✔️ Paintings of Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Eugene Boudin...
✔️ Sweets (cake, cookie, chocolate, ice cream and candy..)
✔️ "New Yorker" postcards
✔️ Illustrations of Jean Jacques Sempe
✔️ Le Petit Prince
✔️ Ever & Ein cards (from China)
✔️ Beaches
✔️ Books, bookshop, library
✔️ Colorful things
✔️ UNESCO World Heritage Site
✔️ Maxicards
✔️ Movies and actors
✔️ Unique architectures
✔️ Space(stars, aurora, galaxy, moon, sunset...)
✔️ Henri Cartier Bresson
✔️ Keep calm and..
✔️ Where's Wally?
✔️ Mailbox
✔️ Birthday card in March
✔️ Christmas card in December

I would be very happy if you could send me a postcard of any of these subjects and relating to your country.
But you don't have to care seriously.
I will enjoy every card I receive.

I also collect unique stamps~Please put a lot of stamps if you possible.
I wish you write a few words with your own language and sending date:)

★★ 日本の方々へ…
日本語で書いてください :)

★★ PLEASE DON'T SEND ME the following cards ★★

- Hand Made Cards
- Insect, reptile, bird Cards
- Religion Cards


- Expired:(
KR-121358 / Russia
KR-131874 / China
KR-132708 / USA
KR-137133 / China
KR-148455 / Ukraine
KR-149677 / Germany
KR-150337 / Finland
KR-150338 / Russia
KR-153337 / China
KR-160579 / Thailand
KR-162271 / Russia
KR-166797 / Netherlands
KR-170501 / South Africa
KR-170888 / Taiwan
KR-170892 / Ukraine
KR-173983 / Serbia
KR-177880 / Japan
KR-178853 / Russia
KR-179212 / Russia
KR-180320 / Turkey
KR-180321 / France
KR-184105 / Greece

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