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About Mierna...

Hi everyone!
Please don't use my nickname or anything else in the address. Just write it as is, or I'll never see your card. Sad but true.
I have almost a hundred of Barker fairies and would gladly swap them for squirrels or space related.

*Short story*
Rodents, weasels, astronautics and feel free to send any not folded card of any subject. If it' is view — better multiview

*Long story*
I'm sort of photographer from Ukraine.
I'm fan of progressive rock music, especially Ayreon, Pain of Salvation and Shadow Gallery. My interests are photography, sf/fantasy, yoga, MTB, a little mountaineering, climbing and trekking. So postcards with anything flying, bicycles, mountains are always welcome. I love teal, violet, orange, chestnut and cerulean colors.

Holy wars like "envelop vs no envelop", or "ad cards vs no ad cards", or "no handmade!" mean nothing for me. Feel free to send any card you like to send, write any words or don't write at all (although I'd like to read something from you), use many beautiful stamps or one usual stamp (but I like beautiful stamps) etc. Of course anyone would prefer beautiful card to poor card, me too.
Just feel free, that's exciting!

Please specify a return address if you don't mind: I'll have a possibility to send you a thanks card, sometimes I do.

— squirrels and other rodents, weasels of all kind,
— all about astronautics and space,
Two items above are my passion and subject of collection. We can swap these ones too.

sci-fi, especially Doctor Who,
St. Patrick's Day cards;
Catholic churches, any castles;
Art Nouveau, better japanese;
тематика ВОВ;
TV towers, lighthouses, mills and energy;
little things, fireside comfort;
genre photography,
Sophie Gengembre Anderson, Cicely Mary Barker, Beatrix Potter, Thomas Kinkade, Marjolein Bastin, Yvonne Gilbert, Klaus Strubel, Jan Patrik Krasny, Elsa Beskow, Ellen Clapsaddle, Molly Drett, Jean-Baptiste Monge, Sandra Mahn works,
beautiful sports, yoga,
sand, snow and salt,
portraits and people,
prog-rock, music;
illustration, especially anime and manga (CLAMP!),
Muslim architecture,
wildlife (parrots, whales, dolphins etc),
fantasy/sf/fairytale, deep mossy forests,
Fallout/Machinarium art, urban decay, neglected gardens/parks/factories,
transport of any kind (but not cars), especially trains,
Linux and open source,
multiview, especially creative/colorful/complex/unusual shape and so on;
Any holidays, but please not folded cards (any time of year!). *I prefer this to city view*

Anything beautiful is better than dull from the list.
I don't really like funny cards, half-naked supermodels or Disney cartoons.

Although I'm not stamp collector, I like beautiful stamps and I'm using them. I always shot all received cards within some days or weeks (OR months...), and most of my sent.
Feel free to talk to me.

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