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Hi there!

My name is Meggy, I'm 32 years old and live, together with my boyfriend, in Gemert, which is nearby Eindhoven in the Netherlands. I have a dog named Jimi and I adore him, he is my best friend and carries me through rough days. I actually love all the other dogs in the world as well. I volunteer for animal protection in their dog shelter every month.

I love to make long walks with my dog in nature, reading, sewing, snoop around on flea markets, love to travel (Especially to the USA, Austria, Norway and Switzerland), drive my motorbike (Yamaha R6), watch tv series and movies, playing the Sims, collecting washi tapes, stickers, stationery and being creative with my (Filofax) planners.

I prefer the following style of postcards:
- Theme Park / Carnival / Ferris wheel / Faire / Rollercoasters
- Hot air balloons
- Princess / Fairy tales cards
- Mermaids
- Thunder and Lightning
- Northern lights
- Colorful houses / builings
- Cards with dogs (no free cards) für die Deutsche Leute: bitte nicht der gratis Shelta Karte mit "Tierheim oder bei Dir daheim" den hab ich schon zweimal empfangen.
- Race motorcycles / MotoGP
- Elephants
- Tattoo
- Marilyn Monroe and James Dean
- Flamingo's
- Everthing about USA
- Santorini (Greece)
- For Russian people: I love cards of the St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow
- Universe / space / planets
- Tourist cards from your town, area, nature etc. (No multiple pictures on one card please)
NO cards from flowers, advertisement, fun cards, maxi cards (they don't fit in my postcard album), photograph you took with your own camera or handmade please.

Suggestion for what to write.. Tell me what's on your bucketlist or about a dream you have or about which book or movie you would recommend or just about a special moment or thought you have.

I'd love a sentence in your language with English translation.

I would appreciate if you check my wall of received postcards before you'd send a double :) Thank you!

Happy postcrossing!

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