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About McBumble...

I always register the postcards the same day I receive them.
Please send me a message if you have sent me a postcard and I haven`t registered it within 30 days. I know how depressing it is to wait and wait and wait...

Hello dear Postcrossers!!!

My name is Iris. I'm 46, happily married with Hendrik and we both live beside a little airfield in a small village near Bonn.
I love the idea to send and receive postcards from all over the world. Every card I find in my mailbox, will bring a smile on my face :)

In my freetime I work in the library in our parish.
I love books and of course reading. So this job brings me a lot of joy.

Feel free to send any card you want to.
You would make me very happy with one of those:
- lighthouses!!! (my favorite cards)
- stargazing
- wild animals - p.ex. puffins, other birds like kingfisher or birds of prey, hedgehogs, red squirrels, highland cattles, penguins, polar bears and many more...
- Scotland (our holiday-destination since 19 years now)
- sunset or sunrise
- coastal view or beaches
- my favourite colour is bordeaux-red
- fabulous landscapes
- or look at my favorites (but mostly I still got them)

Hendrik is a fan of flightsimulation.
If you want to surprise him, it would be nice if you could send him a card related to aircraft, planes, airports etc.
Thanks in advance!

I prefer single view, please NO multiview, NO ad/freecard,
NO typical tourists cards like city views or buildings.
And please, NO 3D-card. They are wonderful, but I cannot look at them, they bring me pain in my eyes. Thank you!

I will be very happy about some (a lot of...) kind words at the other side of the card, for example your favourite book, your passion, your dreams or just the current weather...
And do not forget the ID-number and the date.

Sorry, I cannot scan postcards.
Please, scan your postcard before you send it to me.

I look forward to your postcards.
Tschüß Iris