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About Marjon...

=About me=
Hi there! Welcome to my profile! I’m Marjon, 38 years old, born,raised and still living in the town of Geldrop, next to Eindhoven. Here I work as a secretary.

Dutch Postcrossers can know me from my blogs at, an awesome webshop with cards from my friends Danny and Christa or the Postcrossing-campaign from PostNL (Dutch national postal company). So if you want to hear my voice, just Google "Postcrossing PostNL" ;) .

=More about me=
I don't like to brag or talk about myself and I have almost always a substantied opinion: there are always two sides of the story, even in the harder cases. So if you're living in a country with a leader who is mostly seen in a bad light (f.e. Trump, Putin): don't feel bad if you like your leader and want to tell about it. I have quite a hard sense of humour, but I always try to treat people with respect. And yes, that can go along with a good dose of humour!

I love Scandinavian rockmusic! My favorite bands are Eclipse, Ammunition and Lordi. But also the elder rockers of Aerosmith can please me often, just like Dire Straits, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams. But I also love a good soul-, jazz- or bluesnight.

They're the purest and most honest living beings on this world. I love them.

At home we have a dog (Joris, boxer) and two ginger cats (Max & Tim). We also have some little farm animals (chickens, geese) and we're looking after three elder horses.

I love to visit zoos. Not only to look at species from abroad, but they also mean a lot for the prevention of extinction of the endangered species. So if you have cards from zoos, I would really love them! Even from the Netherlands!

Yes please! I love all kinds of food. Period. I'm blessed with a lovely gourmet market nearby my work. I love cooking and baking. But that's also the reason that I'm quite big and heavy ;-) .

I really like to play casual games on my tablet. And I love speedruns from The Legend of Zelda (NES and SNES). Andy, Xelna, Error72 and Xelna are my favorites!

Yep. I like to swim (at least twice a week 1km/0,6 mile), walk and cycle (due to injuries on a e-bike).

I am a information junkie: from cars to science (Women in Science-cards are really cool), from politics to just trivia. I love it!

=Postcrossing related=
- I don't favorite any of my received cards (every card is special to me).
- My favorites are mostly not received.
- I don't scan my received cards.
- If possible, please send cards without envelope.

=Most important rule=


Dear German Postcrossers! Unfortunately, the German mail had collaborated with Sandd (PostNL is ok) in the Netherlands. Because of that, several cards are lost. Please let me know the ID after 40 days and I register your card!

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