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Marina_Dragan, Russia


(or Marina) is a member in Russia . She has been a member for over 1 year (682 days).
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  • Languages: russian, english, spanish (beginer)
  • Birthday: 1st June 1992 (26 years old)
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About Marina...

Hello everyone! My name is Marina
I was born and grown in central Siberia - Yakutsk, the place where winters are very cold and temperature declines to -50 C... my parents migrated here before I was born, so Yakutia is my real matherland .
But since 2016 I live in old Russian city - Smolensk. This place is full of history and I like it so!
I have a big experience in traveling and I love to write postcards to my family and friends from my travels... but with the years and after writing hundreds and hundreds of postcards, I found out that I do send a lot but I get very few. So, for me Postcrossing looks like a good way to get some to my mailbox and as well to know a little bit about other places around the world, other people and new experiences and stories.

At school I dreamed to becoming an archeologist. But in high school I fell in love in geology. I even have a small collection of minerals from Eastern Siberia))) I stil find geology very interesting. Minerals, caves, mountains ... everything is cool! So, the cards about "sciense" are welcome ^_^ (it could be Alphabet, Geochronology or Mendeleev's table, for example).

I have geographical education and, I obsessed with Maps! I can go to the store and buy a new atlas again)) I collect wall maps of different cities and on differen surfaces. So, Maps = LOVE

I love to learn about different places and people. I'm interested in way of living, traditions, the national clothes, national dishes... I like postcards related to this topic.
Some people sent me postcards with a view of the city from a bird's eye view. Such postcards are also very interesting for me!

Of the artists I LOVE Alphonse Mucha (hello, Czech Rep.!)) and I'm really happy when I find things with reproductions of his or similar artists paintings..
Also, Posters and Pin-ap postcards are cool!

I have a cat, I find her on the street in 2011 and since this year she live with me. So, I like animals, ecpecial cats, raccoons of foxes. I find them so elegant and smart.

I hope this list will help you to choose a postcard. In fact I’m not a crazy about collecting especial type of postcards. It is your choice and if you do not have anything like that, feel free to experiment!
One thing I would like to say- I collect different visitcards (from shops, museum or hairdresser. From anywhere), flyers from the cinema, tea bags. It’s just if you want to add... I would be really happy!

The only request - I would not want to have aggressive, dark and gloomy cards ..

Hace un mes comencé a aprender español. Me gusta mucho el sonido de las palabras en español, pero admito muchos errores ... Y sin embargo, quiero aprender a hablar con fluidez el español ...
¡Me alegrará si me escribes algo en español! ¡Gracias!

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