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About Maria...

Hello! I'm Maria from Moscow, Russia. Nice to meet you! I like art, SciFi, history and videogames. I love art and handmade cards, it is a huge field for creativity and self-expression. My latest passion is knitting. With great pleasure I do different patterns, count stitches and choose the yarn.

If you have no idea, what to send, look at suggestions:
- art, cartoons, book illustration and drawing;
- handmade cards;
- Pembroke Welsh сorgi (I have a charming one named Pryanik (Пряник or Honey-cake in English));
- magazine covers or posters;
- videogames;
- postallove cards (I have Sweden, Slovenia, USA, Indonesia, Netherlands (country and the city Gouda), China, Finland, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Pepublic, Thailand, Ireland);
- flags of the world series (I have Ireland, Germany, Romania, Poland, France, Malaysia, Indonesia)
- something related with the cosmos and the universe;
- gotochi cards;
- postcards from SUPER AWESOME POSTCARDS BOOK (I have №2 Abraham Lincoln)
- postcard series "Не маўчы па-беларуску"
- classical ballet;
- symbol, coat of arms or flag of your country / city;
- birthday cards in February.

Certainly you can send me any card of your choice. Maybe I liked it so much that I want to get more of these cards. You can easily surprise me.

Please write me about any events taking place in your country or city. Or you can write about your famous citizens, people who are known in your country. I'm interested to learn something new about other countries and the lives of their inhabitants.

And finally, it would be nice if you write something in your native language and translation below.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Expired postcards:

2018: 1 to Malaysia, 1 to Belgium, 1 to Indonesia, 1 to Spain, 3 to Germany, 1 to Czechia, 1 to Ukraine, 1 to Belarus, 1 to Finland, 1 to Taiwan, 1 to China, 1 to Turkey, 1 to South Africa
2017: 1 to Belarus, 2 to China, 1 to Turkey, 1 to India, 1 to Malaysia, 1 to Singapore, 1 to Latvia, 1 to Bulgaria, 1 to Germany, 1 to Portugal
2016: 2 to Netherlands, 1 to Malaysia, 3 to U.S.A., 1 to Indonesia, 1 to Japan
2015: 1 to Korea (South), 1 to China
2014: 1 to Singapore

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