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About Maria...


My name is Maria :)
I'm fascinated by the different languages and I work as a teacher in a kindergarten.

I love to get REAL mail! :) I'm excited to get postcards from everywhere and I'm open to almost whatever type of postcard or mail you would like to send, but... I don't like handmade - so sorry, or ad cards. My preference is for single view cards on traditional tourist cards.
Please write something in your native language (with translation) and date. This project fits very well with my needs. I can surprise unknown people with beautiful postcards which I selected for them and in a further step myself to get something nice back. This is quite great, so I'm looking forward to your regards :)
If you want (and it not will be too much trouble for you), you can send me a bag of your favorite tea, a small magnet on the fridge, or something that symbolizes your city/country. In return I will send you also a small gift from my country (don't forget to write clearly your address).

Some of my special interests include:

maps/ships !!! ;)
indigenous people !!! ;) (most closely associated with the Aztecs, Mayas, Inkas, Olmeks, ect. fascinate me lost culture).
wild animals
something about your country that excites you
art cards
If you can send me a postcard from the exhibition The Human Body, I will be very grateful!

¡Hola! Estoy aprendiendo español. Si su idioma, escribir a mí en español por favor. :) Mi sueño es viajar a México y vivir allí...

My passion is music, I can't imagine my life without it! I listen to music every day (especially on Spanish)! Not sure what to write? Tell me about your favorite song (!) or movie, book, recipe. You can write me something what you know about Poland ;) Orrrr... Have a deep dark secret - share it with me, who am I going to tell!? :) What are the 3 things you want to do before you die?

Are you interested in swap? Write on my email

Thank you and Happy Postcrossing :)

Ps. I Don't register postcards, which I didn't get! If it's expired you can send it again :) (I will send again if it expired more than 100 days).

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