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About Martina...

My name is Martina, but most people call me Majka :-)
I´m married, have two sons and two dogs of Jack Russell Terrier.

Here are all my received postcards includes direct swap sorted by countries, PLEASE LOOK THERE for no double card (I received many double cards already :-( ): Thank you! :-)
And here you can see some of my collecions:

All postcards are welcome, mainly if it's one you like, but cards I would specially like to receive are:

- Lali
- Mila Marquis
- Mila Gablasova, Marie Cardouat, Nina Chen,... (square cards)
- Lia Selina
- Alexey Dolotov, Irina Garmashova
- Greeting from... (Postallove)
- Old Ladies by I.Löök
- Nouvelles Images + similar multipictures cards
- Gotochi cards and similar cards from Taiwan
- "cartoon" maps of US states
- German Tausendschönkarten
- atypical formats of cards (square, shaped cards), 3D cards and stickers :-)
- maybe someone has a card (or whatever else) with Avan Jogia, Tokio Hotel? :-)
- christmas cards in X-mas time - cute, colorful, glittering, animated (no photo), please :-)

- nice (singleview) touristic card from rare countries (ID with 4-5 numbers and less)
- view through the window
- glittering cards :-)
- Keep calm...
- B&W with color contrast
- "coloring book for adults" cards
- Thomas Kinkade, Sarah Key
- Donald Zolan, Lorrie McFaul, Nene Thomas, Josephine Wall, Elizaveta Melkozerova
- Marie Brožová, Lenka Procházková
- views by photographer L. Renner, Pidifrky
- pin-up girls
- Jetoy, Henry cats
- Shiitake GENSODO cards
- Flower Fairies by C.M. Barker (please, check my large collection)
- fairies, elves, magical forest, fantasy
- historical carousels, dream catchers
- 4 sessons of year
- full moon, rainbow
- "Where is Waldo (Wally)"
- signs of the Zodiac, calendar-cards
- "I ♥..." (town, state...)
- flag-cards
- cards with titmouse (songbird)
- lilac (it's not lily, please - although they are nice too :D))
- autumn theme (great colors)
- HP (Draco, Severus)
- birthday cards around my B-day (Sep 12) would be really welcome :-)
- rather animated (painted) cards than photos :-)

If you can, please, send your card in envelope and use some nice/unusual/shaped stamps ♥ :-) You can add also something from your country - one tea (coffe) bag, pressed leaf from your garden, some stickers, pocket calendar, paper napkin, magnet or whatever you can spare :-) But do it just if you REALLY WANT of course, I will love single postcard from you too! :-)

I look forward to your postcard and your message on it! :-)
Write whatever what you want to share with me, your daily life, dreams, worries... or you can draw me something (and really never mind if you´re not good in it) :-)

Thank you for every postcard :)


Martina Liksomrová
Na Výsluní 2631
47006 Česká Lípa
Czech Republic

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