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About Ray...

Howdy Ho!

I am a Postman in the beautiful mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.
If there are not enough berries on the mountain, the bears will come into town to search for food. When it snows, sometimes people sled to works. T's a beautiful, small town.

I love music, art, nature, poems, haiku, and the mail. Also languages!
Any landscape and tourist postcards are also welcome.

I would love it if you would answer some of these questions about the postal service in your country! Thanks friends!

1. Do you get the post delivered to your door or do you pick it up?
2. Do the postmen, walk, ride bikes, motorcycles, or drive?
3. How much money do the postmen and women make, in your currency?
4. What is your favourite song right now?
5. What is your favourite food?

Hope to hear from you!