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About Meghan...

I'm a 38 year old mother of a 10 year old son.
I love dancing, music, art, people watching and gardening.

(Special request: friends from Japan/Okinawa - my son studies okinawan karate, if you would like to send cards with information about Japanese culture, martial arts, beliefs, practices and legends, that would be wonderful. We hope to travel to Japan in the future.)

~ unusual, strange cards
~ vintage or black and white cards of people
~ Barbershop theme
~ Curmudgeons (elderly people, senior citizens)
~ maps
~ compass
~ Vaudeville / pinup girls
~ bright colors
~ stained glass
~ glittery/sparkly things
~ circus / festivals / carnival / freak side / side show
~ Halloween
~ octopus, fox, porcupine, otter, platypus, Narwhal, peacock, sloth and HIPPO
~ Banksy (an artist) / Shel Silverstein (an author)
~ Buddha / Hinduism / deities / gods / goddesses
~ gnomes / dinosaurs / Pegasus / UNICORNS
~ hands
~ trees / flowers
~ science and space
~ Caves
~ Caverns
~ The human body (strong interest in the brain, neuroscience and psychology)
~ Paranormal / Metaphysical / Crystals / Geodes / Gems
~ Mandalas / Paisley print
~ dancing
~ M. C. Escher/Peter Paul Rubens /Salvador Dali/Ansel Adams
~ your country

~I hope to visit the Mutter Museum of medical anomalies one day. I love medical oddities. I'm interested in mortuary sciences.

~I'd love to get postcards that are handmade if you're artistic! Please send me whatever you like. I'm interested in direct swaps, if you have anything in particular of interest to you.

~I would enjoy flower seeds, or teas, origami, magnets, a receipt, bus pass, buttons, keys, fabric scrap, stickers, coin, newspaper clipping or anything small that would fit in an envelope.

Please tell me about a common form of dance in your area.
I'd love to check out your favorite song / band / book/ quote.
What is an animal that is often seen in your area?
What is your favorite tradition?
What has made you happy today?

I look forward to your mail!

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