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About Lynet...

SV-1197 yubin-nong China 18/Aug/2018 (expired) 148 days
SV-1163 gmftdrrwcyexx Taiwan 6/Jun/2018 (expired) 222 days
SV-1136 Julia_and_Maksim Russia 22/Mar/2018 (expired) 298 days
SV-1133 sushi-ni France 21/Mar/2018 (expired) 298 days

I'm 46 year old...
I'm from El Salvador, Central America
My life is Trail run!
In my free time, I am handmade crafts how crochet, ecologic garden.
I'm amateur photographer, I love to read all book Jane Austen, Leon Tolstoi, Stephen King, Nature, History, crochet pattern, history, Novel. Music Madeleine Peyrox, Enya, Sarah Brighman, David Garret, Andrea Bocelli, Ray Charles, Inner circle.
I have a little eco garden, I love Cats I have fourteen cats ZEus, Luna,Pepa, Greta, Rita, Frida, Batichica, Calcetin, Felix, Lula and other.
If you want to be swap with me add your nick name.
If you have made swap with me and the postcard has not arrived please tell me, our postal service is not so good"

About Postcards I love all, Any card you want to send me, will make me happy, because someone far away devotes time and effort to send out something, but please nothing businnes card.

If you have any doubt that I would like more, you can see my favorite subjects is optional. please write about you about your city.
I love postcards of the song "Postcard" from James Blunt
I love postcard photofabrique.
Rare flowers
Black And White
Orchids, Garden,mushrooms all topic Botanic I love!
Place, City, Towns, Castles
Motorcyrcles Harley
Building, Architecture
Culture, Tipical food from region
Nature, volcano, Mountains, Pine,
Landscape, Lake, Sea, animals (except lions and snakes,monkey)
Trail Runners any postcard marathones in your country, if you are from Berlin I love the park.

I'm fan to Heidi, Alpes Suizos, Mainfeld and images of Jessie Willcox Smith I will be very happy, Masha & Bear too.
I also get Christmas cards and my birthday in April
Any postcard is welcome, stamps, maps, whatever you want!

My ideal to meet people from all over the world, make friends forever!
I would like to learn other languages.
Thank you by read me, Happy Postcrossing!!!

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