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I'm Lynda and I'm a mail and book loving Canadian originally from Vancouver who, with my husband, has lived 12 years in Texas, 4.5 years in Singapore, 1 year in London, UK before returning to Canada after 18 years abroad for 19 months. I can use "eh", "y'all" and "lah" in a sentence if pressed. In September 2017 we moved back to Houston, TX.

In addition to reading, I use to keep track of my books and get recommendations. I enjoy photography and learning about the history and culture of my current home. I have three cats who have been with us since Houston (well traveled they are). I've been a postcard fiend for a long time (I may have inherited it from my father) -- I have never been able to resist buying them when travelling and have the stacks of them from various trips to prove it. And a long list of friends and family to send post cards to when traveling.

If you are a thoughtful postcard picker, I'm sure I'll like whatever you choose for me. If you need some hints, I love:
• scenic postcards (natural scenery),
• castles and historic buildings or structures (especially UNESCO World Heritage sites)
• cityscapes (especially harbour scenes)
• book related postcards
• vintage postcards
• cats (especially Jetoy and Blue Cats!)
• dragons (but not too scary!)
• Birthday cards in January...
• Greetings From cards

• If your country has a Postcrossing stamp, I'd be delighted if you were to use it on my card!

I also love pretty stamps which I will use when sending out postcards of my own (and with multiple stamps on envelopes if requested). I'd love to hear what you like best about where you live and about your hobbies and interests, see your latitude and longitude (I'm at 29°45'N, 95°23'W), what the weather is like, and the date if you don't mind. I also would love if you translated any language on your card into English if it isn't already translated. If you were to put the card in an envelope so I can more easily save the stamp, I would love that, but am happy to receive your card how ever you may wish to send it.

Happy Postcrossing!

Direct Swaps: If you are interested in postcards from Singapore I still have tons, though they'd be mailed from the USA. I also have them from several areas in S.E. Asia and the UK and Europe.

Postcards sent from US (as of April 15/18): 41
Postcards sent from Canada: 185
Postcards sent from the UK: 85
Postcards sent from Singapore: 176

SG-132704 to Russia, 21/Feb/2014
SG-152364 to the U.S.A., 21/Aug/2014
SG-154601 to Ukraine, 11/Sept/2014
SG-158158 to Germany, 14/Oct/2014
GB-647650 to U.S.A., 8/Apr/2015
GB-648555 to Russia, 11/Apr/2015
CA-678727 to Russia, 15/Nov/2016
CA-690204 to China, 4/Jan/2017
CA-697603 to Ukraine, 1/Feb/2017
CA-700250 to Taiwan, 11/Feb/2017
CA-711629 to Russia, 25/Mar/2017
CA-717175 to Taiwan, 16/Apr/2017
CA-736593 to Russia, 8/Jul/2017
CA-767132 to Cuba, 1/Nov/2017
US-4993801 to Spain, 13/Nov. 2017
US-5080199 to Germany, 4/Jan/2018

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