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My name is Lana, I am 30 years old and work in the European communications department of a large international shipping company. It really is a dream job!

I'm a bit of a geek who is obsessed with art, history and the London Underground. I love watching documentaries about Royal history and Serial Killers.

In my free time I love to do facepainting (on myself) and look at places where I hope to travel to in the future.

I am also a MASSIVE fan of the Eurovision Songcontest, every year I organise a costume party and we watch it with a group of friends.

I would love to get postcards involving:
- Local art/culture because I am fascinated by different cultures
- Dia de los muertos Illustrations
- Cats, because I am a crazy cat lady (Illustrated if possible)
- Pugs! My favourite breed of dog
- Giraffes, Seahorses, Jellyfish & Peacocks
- Old maps
- Language related cards
- Cameras (especially old ones)
- London themed cards, but no multiview tourist cards
- Animals on the Underground, it's a series about Animal shapes on the London tube map, if you have one, I would LOVE to get it (I already have the pig, the ox, the beaver & the dog)
- Metro maps & Underground stations (I have maps of; London, Moscow, Munich, Taipei, Sydney, Vienna, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, and Beijing)
- Geisha (photo or drawn)
- Alphonse Mucha
- Painted portraits of (old) European Royalty
- Rubber Ducks
- Paintings and photographs from famous or local painters/artists
- Spooky but cute things
- Anything related to makeup/facepainting
- Astrology (I'm a Sagittarius)
- Eurovision Song Contest related

Farfetched request for Spanish Postcrossers: If you happen to have anything related to Blas Cantó, please send it to me because I am a HUGE fan.

If you don't have any of the cards mentioned above, of course I am happy to receive something else, it is the thought that matters. I would love to learn more about you and your life!

Please if possible do not send me tourist/multiview cards, I have so many of them already.

Thank you!

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