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About Ľudmila...

I’m a 19-year old girl from Komárno in the south of Slovakia. Currently, I’m studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship in Prague, Czech Republic.

My biggest hobby is photography, which I share on my blog. I also spent 12 years learning piano, which is still incredibly fulfilling. One of my other hobbies is traveling. Not only because it is closely related to photography, but also for the chance to explore the unknown. Among other things, I enjoy a good cup of coffee and going for walks.

♥ I prefer single view postcards of the city/country you live in ♥

If you have no idea what to write, here are some ideas:
- something about you
- something about the place on postcard
- what did you do today
- what made you happy today
- date & weather
- your favorite quote
- something in your language

Feel free to write anything, I'll be glad anyway!

Happy postcrossing!

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