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About Rob...

Hello,My name is Rob. I work in Milwaukee with refugee groups and in urban community development within faith based communities. I have worked extensively as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity helping families construct their homes. I've worked for extended periods of time in The Philippines, Armenia, Bolivia, and Paraguay, and have led short term volunteers to Mexico,Peru,Brasil,and Ghana.

I listen to all types of music, but grew up in the days of Progressive Rock (Yes,ELP,Genesis) and Prog is my favorite. I also like real Jazz and Zeuhl. Extra points if you are a Zeuhl fan. :-)

Before I list cards that might be interesting, let me just say that anything you send me is welcome. Really, don't sweat the wish list demand. If you don't have anything listed below, send me what you have.The card is not as important as you are. We're all in this together

I think it would be interesting to receive cards relating to:
Captain Cook ( and other explorers)
Thor Heyerdahl (Kon Tiki, Ra )
Indigenous people and folk customs
Monkeys dressed as Monks
Monks dressed as Monkeys
Mushrooms (sample the wrong mushroom and maybe you'll start seeing monks dressed as monkeys or vice versa)
Mountains (Athos,Ararat,Fuji,Kilimanjaro, Kinabalu,Sinai,Any other you might think of)
Primates (in the wild,in zoos, and in their ecclesiastical offices)
Political Propaganda Posters
Saints, Sufis, Yogis,Fakirs
Puffins, Penguins, Ptarmigans,Pelicans
Old QSL cards
Outsider Art and Art Brut
Bull Fights
Strange Fruits (Durian,Rambutan,ect al)
olive oil production
Wine (vineyards)
Gamelan orchestras

My inner child would like Pettson och Findus.
Europa Stamps appreciated! :-)

Really, the above are just interests, and I'll be delighted to receive whatever you send me. If you are the creative sort I am not opposed to home made cards.

Date the card and give me a weather report. What did you have for breakfast? What's your shoe size? What's your greatest fear and your greatest joy? Can you swim? Fly? Do you ever fly in your dreams? What's the strangest thing you've ever done in a dream.

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