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(or Titia) is a member in Netherlands Netherlands. She has been a member for over 4 years (1712 days).
Distance Sent: 1,317,077 miles
Last Seen: about 7 hours ago
Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, learning Frisian
Birthday: 3rd August 1969 (46 years old)
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Lobelia, Netherlands
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About Titia...

Pleased to meet you! My name is Titia, I am a writer, married and a mother of three (16, 12 and 9 y.o.). Someone who inspires me is the German poet Jochen Klepper. My website about him:
I love nature, reading, studying for fun and I'm a bit of a hermit - that is when I find the time to be one.

I like most cards (as long as they're family proof). I give you some suggestions, but if you want, go ahead and surprise me!
ღ History
ღ Vintage
ღ Maximum cards ♥
ღ Fauna of Belarus
ღ Beautiful cemeteries
ღ Old trading centers / routes
ღ Calligraphy, old handwritings
ღ Hanse cities and kogge ships
ღ Flora and fauna of your country
ღ (Old) ships from your country, harbours
ღ (Vintage) postcards about communism
ღ Saints or deities that are important to your area
ღ Art from your country, traditional or contemporary
ღ nature's wonders, cosmos, aurora borealis & australis
ღ your culture (festivities, national costume, music, legends, poetry...)

I don't like:
☂ (modern) buildings
☂ cats, dogs, other pets (on cards)
☂ cards from calenders or postcardbooks
☂ cards representing another country than your own

♫ I appreciate a nice stamp!
♫ There are certain stamps I'd love to receive - but don't worry if you don't have them:
♪ Insects and spiders ♥
♪ Scented stamps, such as chocolate stamp from Belgium ♥
♪ Commemorative stamps
♪ Ships
♪ 'Europa' stamps
♪ Nature themes
♪ Art themes
♪ BY: Ladybirds ♥
♪ RU, LT and XU: Postcrossing stamp
♪ US, BY, DE, RU: other than standard international stamp

♫ Don't forget to tell me something about YOU on the postcard.
♫ Be my teacher. Tell me something I don't know about your country.
♫ Bitte schreib mir auf Deutsch!
♫ Merci de m'écrire en français!

Let's exchange some beautiful cards!

One more thing: My last name is Lindeboom. It's the name of a tree with heartshaped leaves - Tilia in Latin. Could you tell me the name of this tree in your language, with the right characters? That would be wonderful!
So far I have, thanks to several postcrossers (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bahasa Melayu (MY): Pokok Linden
Belarusian: ліпа
Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian: липа
Chinese: 菩提樹 (Pu-Ti-Schu)
Czech: Lípa - it's the national tree of the Czech Republic!
English (Australian, British): Lime tree
English (American): Linden
Estonian: Pärn - South-Estonian dialect: Lõhmus
Finnish: Lehmus
French: Tilleul
Frisian: Linebeam
German: Linde
Greek: φιλύρα (Philýra)
Hebrew: תִרזָה (tirzá)
Hungarian: Hársfa
Italian: Tiglio
Japanese: 西洋菩提樹 or せいようぼだいじゅ or seiyoubodaiju
Ladinish (IT): Linda
Latvian, Lithuanian: Liepa - it's a popular girl's name in Lithuania!
Maori: Tree ki te ngakay āhva rav
Norwegian, Swedish: Lind
Polish: Lipa
Portuguese: Tília
Romanian: Tei
Spanish: Tilo
Tagalog (Philippines): púno ng dayap (or upa?)
Thai: ลินเด็น (Linden)
Turkish: Ihlamur

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