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About Alexandra...

Hello World!
~ My little brother was born this summer! We would be happy to receive something for him, to show it in the future! ~

I'm 23 years(really?!) old girl, I got married to the wonderful programmer(on the photo) and happy about it!
There are three main features in me: I like helping everybody(as I'm volunteer and donor), communicating(as I like hitch-hiking) and everything new. I prefer active and interesting life, I adore nature and animals (as I'm biology student), children (as I'm older sister), and I love travelling (as I study 5 languages)and learning new information, places, skills (as I'm MSU Lomonosov student). Also I'm fond of handiwork (as I'd like to be visually interesting and making gifts). I'm a quite tolerant I used to avoid conflicts(as I’m hippie) and smile often. Let's do it together! :)

CARDS: (some ideas)
I'd like to receive everything...especially:
-Alice in Wonderland, in any variations (for my 12y. sister), she will be happy!
-something funny,
-pictures of children's cartoons,
- PINK PANTHER ! We're fans of!

-goats (I collect the goats, now there are more then 150 different goats in my collection), Koziołek Matołek would be great!
-giraffes (my mom's talisman) ,
-camels (my dad's talisman),
-lions (my sister's talisman),
-fish(a part of my soul),
- SEALS, HEDGEHOGS (my husband's theme ;)),
--!!WHALES!! (I'm a big fan of them. I'll be happy if you can draw it at least. It is my-best-friend symbol)
-Pusheen the Cat, Nyan-cat,
-guinea pigs, ferrets, any unusual (painted) animals,

-Lamps (table, wall, floor, Pixar etc..) I really found of lamps and
- buttons! I collect buttons and lamps too),
-something connected to hiking; sleeping bags, tents, bonfire;
-trees, rainbows, bright-colored cards, hippie theme,
-Signs of Zodiac (fond of),
-Star Wars,
-Doctor Who and Doctor House cards

-Something about Chemistry and Biology,
-Nature, volcanos, something "geographic"
-and something you want! (expect typically touristic view-cards, please! But states of the USA are welcome). All the cards I receive will be registered, of course.

"What should I write?!" you asked. Well, just write a joke, an anecdote! I'd like to collect different country's humour, drollery. I believe you know a lot of funny stories and jokes, so let's share the smiles!
I'm interested in Signs of Zodiac, I'd be happy if you can tell me something about this.
Or you can just write your favourite(or now is being read) book and author. It's also very interesting, because I would try to read your book, if I've not done it yet.
Or calculate and write what could you buy on money that you spent on the stamps. For example, I could buy 2kg of carrots, 200g of yogurt, or Snickers-chocolate, or 48-sheets notebook etc
Or describe subjects around you at this moment (What do you see through your window?)

So, I'm looking forward to receiving your postcards and letters! (:
See you

P.S.: Please, try to upload received cards

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