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About Marieke...

I'm 48, living happily with my 15-year old son in a village. Passion for books and reading (I was a bookseller for years), especially literature from Dutch/Flamish, Polish and English/American origin.
I'm interested in all kinds of different countries and people but I have a special interest in Poland! So if you are from Poland, please write to me in Polish! Prawdobodobnie zrozumiem! ;)

Just to give you an idea of who I am and what kind of cards I like (among many more):

*Industrial heritage in your country:
I'm fascinated by (remains of) old and new factories, mines, (empty) warehouses, seaports etc. I also like to see people at work, pictures of shops, like bookshops & grocery-stores.

*(single views of) statues/sculptures in your town:
A statue tells something about the history of a city or village or country. Or at least of what it thinks about it's history (or future). I really like them: especially the less famous ones...

*Goats & storks:
I hope to have a goat one day (in far future ;-))I'm especially fond of white ones. Watching storks makes me feel quiet.

It's not the spooky effect that I like, but graves and graveyards honour the dead and show respect to death (memento mori, if you know what I mean). Most of the time they are quiet and beautiful.

I love to visit museums, especially with paintings: modern art or classical, I like both. My favourite paintings are made in the period 1890-1920 though. I'd like to see works of old or new artists of your country.

next to my collection of books I have quite a big collection of enamel coffeepots...(? don't know why, just started collecting one day)


*ad/freecards from your country:
Especially on the subjects mentioned! Yes, I really like them!

However, no matter what kind of card you send me: I'm looking forward to your message!

Just write down what you want to tell me, but if you need a hint: I like to get an idea of what your day looks like on the day you write your card: what were you doing before you wrote to me, or what will you be doing afterwards? What book are you reading at the moment? What music you are listening to?

Thanks & see you,

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