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About Aleida...

Hi there! It's always nice receiving a postcard :-)

I like postcards bringing something personal from somebody living across the ocean. I'm someone who love life, is optimistic and impulsive. I love swimming, running and act. I also like to travel. I work with children, at daycare and after school care. I love to hug with the kids and love the funny things they say :-)

My newest interest are postcrossingmeetings ❤️ I love to meet new people :-) On 25 Jan I had my 43th meeting. If you like to send me a meetingcard, that would be great!

I like birds of prey (if you come from Belarus, please send me "Fauna of Belarus" cards), Inge Löök (Old Ladies), cards with subway maps, Irena Zeniuk's Blue cat cards, Lali cards (riddles), Roger hargreaves cards ( mr ... & little miss ...), dogs/cats, funny postcards, monster des alltags, daria nyberg cards, flowers, glow in the dark, cartoons/animation/comic strip etc. aslong as it cheers me up it's good. Make it as unique as you can, so there will be a party in my mailbox :-)

If you´ll send it end of june/begin of july, it would be nice if you send a birthday card, ´cause 4th of july it´s my birthday :-D

If you don´t know what to write, take a deep breath and...
1) Write what you know/think of the Netherlands
2) Write about what really makes you happy
3) Write about your favourite book/recipe/tea/film/music
4) Answer the next question: If you were a flower, which flower would you be and why?
5) What's on your bucketlist?

And maybe you can write one sentence in your own language with english translation on the card.

I would appreciate it if you write the date of posting the card on the postcard, so I know how long it really takes to travel. And please send me a card in an envelope :-)

As I looooooooooove to drink tea, maybe you can send me a teabag from your country so I can try new tea :-)

City´s/Country´s I´ve been to :
July 13th 'till July 16th 2012: Mosnes (to visit ZooParc de Beauval fot the giant panda's and offcourse to see the firework of 14 July) and Bussy-Saint-Georges (to visit Disneyland Paris)
Februari 7 ´till March 1 2013: Brasil (Sao Paulo (carnaval!), Salvador (carnaval!), Praia do Forte/Imbassai (diving), Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu)
May 9th ´till May 12th 2013: Berlin
June 5th ´till june 9th 2014 : Strasburg and Luxembourg (city)
July 12th 2014 : Brugelette (Paira Daiza, zoo with two giant panda's)
May 13th-18th 2016 : Vielsalm, Louvain, Jalhay, Bastogne, Durbuy, Dinant and Liège
November 4th-6th 2016 : Westfeld, Winterberg (Kahler Asten, Erlebnis Brücke, Möhnetalsperre)
July 1st 2018 : postcrossing meetup at Luxembourg City
April 27th 2019 : Postcrossing meetup Bruxelles
July 13th 2019 : postcrossing meetup at Ghent

If you'd like to, you can add me as a friend on facebook. It's my postcrossing account :-)

For Pokémon Go players, this is my friendcode : 7801 1262 1112
I only open gifts when I can send one back :-)

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