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About Lena...

Since it is year of the pig (my year) if your country has special stamps please use them!

I'm currently a student in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I speak Dutch and English fluently and can sort of understand basic French and German. I can also understand some Korean.

In my profile picture is my cat Muts, who sadly passed away last september after I had her with me for most my life (18 years).

I really like humpback whales, seaturtles and barnowls and my favourite season is autumn!
I have a really big washi-tape collection, because I love washi-tape.
I enjoy swimming and going to the ocean and I go to the beach regularly.
I took circus-classes when I was younger and specialised in tightrope walking.
I also really like photography, especially street, food and nature photography. I like taking pictures of stuff other people would walk past without looking at.

I read a lot, I like winnie the pooh, alice in wonderland, anything astrid lindgren and many more. I like books in general, especially going to second hand stores and looking for really old books, I like it best if the previous owner made handwritten notes in it. My favourite are old anatomy or nature books because of the illustrations.
I take harry potter very seriously and could talk about it for hours. I'm a hufflepuff and know the houses of all of my friends and it's usually one of the first questions I ask new friends I make. Don't hestitate to tell me yours if you happen to know!

I am a big fan of studio ghibli movies. My favourite is probably princess mononoke, but I like most of them a lot.
I also like the moomins, the last airbender, pokemon, tim burton movies, star wars and disney.

I am allergic to flowers, but I do love them, so I have a lot of fake ones in my room and I have glow in the dark stars above my bed, because I like stargazing, but can't see them properly in the city.

I've recently taken up learning how to sew and do embroidery, partially from my mom and grandma, and partially from the internet and I enjoy it a lot!

I am not religious myself but have always liked learning about religion and visiting religious sites (I love visiting churches).
I also really like history and mythology.

I enjoy learning a lot about people and know more about how they look at the world. Which I also learn about in my study "humanistiek" (humanities, but then with humanism as a basis).
This is also one of the reasons why I am interested in postcrossing, because it puts you in contact with lots of different people, with different views of the world, from lots of different places and cultures.

I'd like it if you could write hello in your native language! And if you could tell me something about your day or yourself or anything you want to share.
I'd like cards to be handwritten if possible.
If you'd like please include the date of sending on the card. And if you can miss them, I enjoy nice stamps

I hope this gave you inspiration for your card and I look forward to receiving it

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