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About Kriselle...

Hello. My name is Kristin and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I am the mother of three grown children and a grandmother of twin boys. I have four cats and one dog. I have always loved cats. My dog is six years old and he has made me a dog enthusiast as well.

I love to read. Postcards relating to books or people reading would be appreciated.

I love vintage things and antiques, so any vintage postcards would also be appreciated.

I like crafts, needlework, and scrapbooking. I would find handmade postcards interesting.

I love to travel, would like to travel more. Postcards showing me photos or pictures of different places around the world would be interesting to me as well.

I would also love postcards of flowers, birds, nature and scenery. My favorite flowers are lilies of the valley, lilacs, violets, roses, forget me nots, and pansies.

I also like art so postcards of artwork would be appreciated.

I forgot to mention that I also love blue-and-white china and berries.

Needless to say, I love cats and dogs.

Furthermore, I would be happy to receive birthday cards in November, Christmas cards and Easter cards.

As you can see, I am easily pleased and like a great variety of things. Thank you for sending post cards to me.

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