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About Koro...

My name is Naoko. I live in Saitama, near Tokyo.

I want to trip abroad, but I can't, because I have three little children.
So I'd like to exchange postcards all over the world, although I'm not good at writing English...

I'm studying Polish and Greek.

I'm very interested in babywearing.
If you have children(or grandchildren:)), please let me know what do you use to carry baby, and how do you carry your baby in your country.
Saying about me, I'm using Japanese traditional "Onbu-himo"(a kind of strap) and carry baby on my back.
It's very useful because I can use both hands as carrying baby:)
I'm also interested in breast feeding because I have 1-year-old baby :)

I like to watch football and skijumping.
If you have a favorite football club, please tell me(especially if you are from Greece! I'm fan for Panathinaikos Athens:) )

Designs I especially like is:
3)Religion Art(Icon)
5)Traditional design of each countries
6)Football stadium or player
8)Maximum card
(I also collecting stamps. If you have these stamps, please put it on your card.)

I don't want to receive cards with grotesque design.
Please don't send handmade card.

I'm glad if you would write something like "Hello" in your own language.

expired :(
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