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About Elena...

Hello! My name is Lena. I am from Minsk, Belarus. I love dansing, reading, traveling.

I'm happy to receive all kind of cards, so please don't feel like you must send me a card that matches my wishlist - as long as it's a postcard, I'll be fine :). The list below has just some themes I particularly like:

I like:
- postcards with dance and dancers (ballet, tango, lindy-hop and any)
- black & white postcard
- people from your country
- postcards with cats
- postcards with raccoons;
- postcards with tea, coffeе
- Inge Löök's illustrations
- Pettson and Findus. Nordqvist Sven illustrations.
- Anna Hollerer's illustrations
- Alice in Wonderland
- Landscape from your homecountry
- cards from my favourites in my postcard wall
When is Christmas time I would appreciate a Christmas postcard.
My birthday is on February 12. I will receive congratulation card with pleasure:)
Send me what you like - I will be happy with any postcard!

I don't add received cards to "my favourites" - don't want to confuse anybody and get the same postcard twice:)

I prefer cards written and stamped, not in an envelope, but if you want to put your card in an envelope, that's fine too. I love pretty stamps as well.
I love written cards! If you have trouble thinking of what to write, tell me for instance what has made you happy recently, what you see outside your window, what's your favourite food, favorit cafe in your town. Don't know what to write about? Draw something! Don't be shy, I'm not an art critic :)

THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me postcards :-)

P.S. Калі ласка, калі Вы з маёй краіны, не бойцеся адпраўляць беларускiя паштоўкі, мне будзе вельмі прыемна атрымаць ад Вас нашу падпісаную паштоўку, бо ў падпісаных паштоўках ёсць душа!
Асаблiва мне падабаюцца паштоўкi Чатковай, Вольгi Мядзведевай, фауна Беларусi і інш. Але выбар на ваш густ гэта заўсёды добра.

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