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KoJep, Indonesia


(or Jeffry) is a member in Indonesia . He has been a member for over 4 years (1,537 days).
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Lat: -7.80, Lon: 110.36 | Google Maps

About Jeffry...

Hi. My Name is Jeffry ,

I like surprise and random things. Try to surprise me with your Postcard and the story of you or your country.

My wishlist postcards:
- UNIQUE material or UNUSUAL pc (But not a handmade from recycle packaging or a folded card) -> example : Wood, metal, 3D or 4D maybe, pc with hard stamp, puzzle pc, copper pc, plastic pc, relief map ,cork, Shape Card etc. You can send me an adverstising postcard but that should be from a unique material or unusual.( not common adv-card)
- Theme Park or Market or Shop
- Chicken/Rooster

2018 Wishlist :
- Unique material that i haven't receive : Cork postcard / hologram postcard / or anything else?
- Puzzle Card make me very excited to make it. If you send me this card you can send me in envelope and write something in the back of the card before you scramble it.
- Card with BIG LETTER or CAPTION (you can open my favorite wall)
- Anything related to POSTCROSSING (letter, picture, meetup card or anything)
- World Cup 2018 (Soccer)

But don't worry, any postcard is fine

I collet postcard only, thats why i dont want to get a FOLDED CARD ( I just collect postcard).

And i hope the postcard is not in an envelope if its possible. Thanks for your attention about this

For some countries that issued postcrossing stamp, i wish you can use those stamps if you have.

Note :
- I don’t' register cards I haven't received. Please, don't ask me to do so:)
- I don't expect others to register cards I've sent, but they haven't received.
- If your profile is blank, I stick my hand into my postcard box and pick a random card for you.


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