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KoJep, Indonesia


(or Jeffry) is a member in Indonesia . He has been a member for over 3 years (1,391 days).
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  • Distance sent: 3,036,376 miles
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  • Languages: English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Birthday: 1st November
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  • 29th on most postcards sent from Indonesia
  • 28th on longest distance sent from Indonesia
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Lat: -7.80, Lon: 110.36 | Google Maps

About Jeffry...

Hi. My Name is Jeffry ,

I like surprise and random things. Try to surprise me with your Postcard and the story of you or your country.

My wishlist postcards:
- UNIQUE material or UNUSUAL pc (But not a handmade from recycle packaging or a folded card) -> example : Wood, metal, 3D or 4D maybe, pc with hard stamp, puzzle pc, copper pc, plastic pc, relief map , etc. You can send me an adverstising postcard but that should be from a unique material or unusual.( not common adv-card)
- Shape Card
- Theme Park or Market or Shop
- Meet Up PC or Postcrossing Themes
- Chicken/Rooster

2018 Wishlist :
Image and Lettering ,
yes i like a card with the combine of image and lettering. I will happy if that have a big lettering there (you can open my favourite wall), if you only have the small one that show the card about, thats ok too. Or a big lettering from picture, seed, stamps, or any kind of material showed.

But don't worry, any postcard is fine

I collet postcard only, thats why i dont want to get a FOLDED CARD ( I just collect postcard).

And i hope the postcard is not in an envelope if its possible. Thanks for your attention about this

For some countries that issued postcrossing stamp, i wish you can use those stamps if you have.

Note :
- I don’t' register cards I haven't received. Please, don't ask me to do so:)
- I don't expect others to register cards I've sent, but they haven't received.
- If your profile is blank, I stick my hand into my postcard box and pick a random card for you.


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