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About Lena...

I work I Employability sector and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.
I work with people with health barriers and disabilities and help them move into work. I find my job very rewarding. I have an interest in mental health and in challenging barriers and around this subject.
I'm a keen reader, I mostly read non-fiction with an occasional crime novel thrown in, and I like the 80's music.
Travels are my biggest passion. I like to explore new countries and learn about local cuisine, culture and society.Many of my sent postcards are from the countries I visit.


📩 Please send me single-view cards! Thank you :o)

❤ Eeyore

❤ Hamsa (khamsa) / Fatima's hand images and henna painted hands

❤ people in general

❤ tea and coffee

❤ animals (especially moose/elk, reindeer, hippos, deer, squirrels)

❤ irises (flowers)

❤ Meryl Streep, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Friends & (embarrassingly) Dirty Dancing

❤ traditional meals and drinks, local cuisine

❤ cryptozoology and mystical creatures, e.g. Yeti / Big Foot / Sasquatch / Almasty, Nessie, etc.

❤ postcards sent not from the country of origin - if you still have that one postcard from the exotic holiday you took please don't hesitate to send it my way :o)

❤ general city views, architecture, landmarks and landscapes, especially with the name of the place written on the postcard

Please feel free to drop me a line if you're interested in a one off swap.


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