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Kewl, Philippines


(or Leila) is a member in Philippines . She has been a member for over 5 years (1,871 days).
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Lat: 14.17, Lon: 121.24 | Google Maps

About Leila...

"...and a tank full of gas!" completes the statement on my avatar. :)

This project is so exciting! It is like having pen pals again from decades past but with a unique twist and an updated version.

For ideas of cards you can send me, please refer to the following (regular sized, written and stamped single view of):
>Eiffel tower/ Chateau Malmaison (France)
>Keep Calm/ Postallove/ Japanese gotochi
>hot air ballooning
>church/ place of worship in your country,
>aurora borealis or australis
>maze postcard (example:
>the bronze statue of a mouse knitting the DNA at Novosibirsk (Russia)
>art by Monet or van Gogh
>world map in all angles and variants
>inside a library
>related to: ballet &/ or piano, Coca-cola, coverse shoes, Vespa motorcycle
>related to these movies: Mannequin (1987), 3 Idiots (2009), Somewhere in Time (1980), Fiddler on the Roof (movie, 1971 or Broadway show, 1964 or revivals in 1976, 1980, 1990, 2004, 2015)

NONE of this please:
>snake pictures! I am ophidiophobic :(

See what cards I have already received from your country so that there will be no duplicates (this is what I do when I send out a card too!)
I'm sorry but I do not send postcards in an envelope as this is more expensive for me. Please send yours without one, too!

It would be interesting to know:
- what food should I not miss eating in your country (food with no pork, no beef);

- your return address IF you want a thank you postcard in exchange for what you sent me; Currently, I have a lot of orchid postcards to send as thank you cards - so let me know if you would like one! :)

- your age and your occupation/work (or if you are a student).

I hope to hear from you soon!

Unusual connections made here in postcrossing:
a rodent from England (/flyingrat)
a cat from NZ (/Gordon)
another cat from Germany (/Klausdiemaus)
a dog from Netherlands (/Gizmo76)
I wonder who's next? :-)

Expired cards:
PH-125628 Anastasiabc Russia 1/Feb/2018
PH-125427 sophia1211 Taiwan 28/Jan/2018
PH-124908 Internet China 17/Jan/2018
PH-124670 J-JY Taiwan 12/Jan/2018
PH-122085 Xianhongdun China 5/Nov/2017
PH-120132 medicina Russia 17/Sep/2017
PH-118331 EricSmith Taiwan 1/Aug/2017
PH-118041 memo_baghdad Iraq 23/Jul/2017
PH-115809 ninjakitty U.S.A. 28/May/2017
PH-115714 Moleface3 UK 25/May/2017
PH-112541 sandycheeks Germany 12/Mar/2017
PH-111208 Zelda Germany 14/Feb/2017
PH-110916 grungegirl17 Czechia 8/Feb/2017
PH-110318 sophieeeesoph U.S.A. 28/Jan/2017